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IMPACT for English speakers

Jerusalem | Tuesdays | 17:00-21:30 | 2,9,16,23/1 |

מידע נוסף

IMPACT is a unique self-defense training program developed to combat and prevent sexual violence. Many graduates have defined it as a life-changing and powerful experience that positively influenced all areas of their lives. The intensive training involves simulated fights with instructors in full-body protective gear. IMPACT is one of two types of empowerment self-defense programs for women and girls. It is an opportunity to fully experience the hidden power of your voice and your body. It is also possible to sign up and/or ask questions over the phone! Reach us at 02-6781764 or Whatsapp 054-247-8284

  • 1,200 שקלים חדשים
  • El Halev, Jerusalem

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